Cerebral salt wasting

The following articles have been identified following the ward round on Friday 24th June 2017 to provide some reading around Cerebral Salt Wasting.

If you have any problems accessing these documents please use your NHS Athens or contact library.rph@lthtr.nhs.uk

Leonard et al. (2015) Cerebral salt wasting after traumatic brain
injury: a review of the literature Scandinavian Journal of Trauma, Resuscitation and
Emergency Medicine (2015) 23:98

Sterns, R. H. and Silver, S. M. (2008) Cerebral Salt Wasting Versus SIADH: What
Difference? J Am Soc Nephrol 19: 194–196, 2008

Cerdà-Esteve et al (2008) Cerebral salt wasting syndrome: Review European Journal of Internal Medicine 19 (2008) 249–254

Singh et al (2002) Cerebral salt wasting: Truths, fallacies, theories, and challenges Crit Care Med 2002 Vol. 30, No. 11

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